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The Best Time to Floss

There’s a saying that the best time to go fishing is when you can, and you might think that same line of reasoning applies to flossing, right?

Well, we’ll never tell you to not floss, but there is a method to when you should floss to get the most out of this highly-recommended oral health activity. If there’s one thing that Dr. Virginia Sharpe wishes the patients who visit Sharpe Dental Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico would do better, it’s flossing. So if you have a hard time seeing the benefits of flossing, then take a moment to read how you can best utilize this tool.

Floss once a day
Unlike brushing your teeth, you really only need to floss once per day. Some people like to floss after meals, and while that’s a good idea, you actually run the risk of harming your gums if you floss too much. Your gums are easily irritated, and flossing them multiple times a day can lead to swollen, bleeding gums.

Floss at night
Based on the information above, it makes the most sense to floss at night, right before bed. This is the perfect time to clean out all the junk between your teeth so it doesn’t sit and fester overnight. Not only does this help your teeth be healthier, but it also makes a huge difference in your morning breath.

Flossing is incredibly important, and we hope you can all develop great flossing habits. For more information, call us today at 505-982-4686.

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