Dr. Virginia Sharpe and her team at Sharpe Dental Studio are dedicated to providing up-to-date technology as a means of giving you quality dental care. Our laser cavity detection treatment helps catch cavities early on to prevent additional decay. For more information about laser cavity detection in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and to set up your next appointment with our dentist, we invite you to contact our office at 505-982-4686.

We are pleased to use a laser cavity detection system that helps our dentist detect cavities at the earliest possible stage. This painless system helps our team determine the health level of the tooth. If a tooth is decayed, the system will alert our team. We are then able to formulate a treatment plan to improve the health of that tooth.

Because the laser cavity detection system can detect tooth decay before it is visible to the naked eye, we are able to treat decay before it becomes more extensive and causes more damage. In fact, the cavity-detecting laser can even detect tooth decay that still lies beneath the tooth surface and may not be detectable with digital X-rays. When the decay is treated early, our dentist is able to provide a more conservative restoration that causes less discomfort, is less expensive, and preserves more of your natural tooth structure. Tooth decay may even be reversible if it is detected and treated in the very early stages.

In many cases, the laser cavity detection system has been shown to be 90% accurate. For more information about laser cavity detection and the other types of diagnostic technology we use at our office, we invite you to call or visit us today.