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If You Have Deep Tooth Stains, Choose Professional Whitening Treatment

There are microscopic pores in the surface of each tooth that can absorb the pigments of dark drinks and foods, as well as an tobacco products, causing your teeth to become stained. While store-bought retail whitening products can reduce surface stains on your teeth, they can’t affect the stains that are deeply saturated in the tooth enamel require a dental-grade whitening treatment to remove. Deep tooth stains often need to be addressed in a dental office, where professionals have the tools and knowledge to whiten your smile.

If you have found that you can’t remove stubborn dental stains with commercial whitening products, we encourage you to come see our talented dentist, Dr. Virginia Sharpe, who can help you safely and efficiently whiten your teeth with the proper techniques and technology. Many patients have found that Sharpe Dental Studio offers the dental-grade whitening agents they need to remove years’ worth of deep stains from their tooth enamel.

Following the completion of your whitening treatment, you can use a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips with the ADA Seal of Acceptance to maintain your white smile and prevent any surface stains from developing.

To learn more about your teeth whitening options in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and how you can achieve the white smile you have always wanted, contact Sharpe Dental Studio at 505-982-4686 and arrange a personal consultation with our dentist.

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