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How Laser Dentistry Can Treat Your Smile

Lasers have existed in dentistry since the early 1990s and are increasingly becoming an important asset in a wide array of dental procedures. Lasers deliver a level of precision that is not possible with the human touch or any metal dental instruments, allowing for safer and less invasive treatments. Here are some ways Sharpe Dental Studio may choose to use lasers:

– Teeth Whitening: Lasers are often used to safely intensify the process of teeth bleaching.

– Canker Sores: Lasers can eliminate painful and persistent mouth lesions or canker sores on your inner cheeks or gums.

– Cavities: Lasers can clear away decay or excess gum tissue around a tooth before a dental filling is used to fill a cavity or harden the filling after its application.

– Periodontal Disease Treatments: Lasers eliminate bacteria and infected tissue associated with gum disease.

– Oral Surgery: Lasers can be used to effectively make any needed cuts during oral surgery in a much more precise and effective way than any other dental technique, allowing for faster recovery.

If you want to set up an appointment to talk about your possible laser dentistry treatment with Dr. Virginia Sharpe and our team at Sharpe Dental Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can call 505-982-4686. The perfect smile of your dreams is only a visit away!

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