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Dental Implants Can Be Used to Repair Multiple Teeth Lost to Sports Injury

Sports injuries can come in a variety of forms and degrees of severity. An unprotected blow to the face can cause severe oral and dental trauma. In an extreme case, it could even manage to knock-out multiple teeth.

When this occurs, it might be possible for Dr. Virginia Sharpe to perform a root canal at her Santa Fe New Mexico clinic. This will serve to restore the roots of the traumatized teeth. Unfortunately, if the damage is severe or the underlying sockets were also injured, it might be a better idea to extract the remaining roots.

Once your gums are sutured, Dr. Virginia Sharpe will likely provide you with a prescription for pain management medication. This will help you stay comfortable during the recovery process.

Once all the traumatized tissues have healed, Dr. Virginia Sharpe might recommend restoring the presence and function of the missing teeth with a bridge mounted to a pair of dental implants.

This restoration process involves a minor oral surgery to install the two titanium implant abutments into the original structure of the sockets. Once everything has healed and the abutments have bonded with the surrounding bone tissues, Dr. Virginia Sharpe can case an impression to fit you for a standard piece of bridgework.

Once it has been cemented in place, it will fully restore your oral function and the appearance of your mouth.

If you have suffered a severe dental trauma and you are in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, you should call 505-982-4686 to seek treatment with Dr. Virginia Sharpe.

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