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Correct Your Receding Gums With a Powerful Periodontal Laser

We are honored to have the opportunity to provide our patients with the most cutting-edge services that the periodontal field has to offer. Our dentist and team are committed to treating gum disease and gum recession as conservatively and comfortable as we can. For this reason, we are pleased to provide periodontal laser therapy for patients who are suffering from severe gum recession.

If you have developed periodontitis, you may have noticed your gums beginning to pull away from your teeth and exposing your vulnerable tooth roots. With effective treatment, we can halt gum recession and repair the damage by extracting diseased gum tissue, cleaning out bacteria, and giving the gum tissue the chance to regenerate.

To perform periodontal laser therapy, Dr. Virginia Sharpe clears away any unhealthy gum tissue and bacteria from along the gum line by using a powerful periodontal laser. By smoothing any rough patches out of the root area, she can largely prevent future infections and promote healthy gums through regeneration of the tissues.

Using a periodontal laser is helpful for many reasons:

– No need for anesthetic

– Treatment that is precise and accurate

– More conservative treatment than oral surgery

– Faster recovery time

Dr. Virginia Sharpe would be happy to meet with you at Sharpe Dental Studio to further discuss the benefits of periodontal laser therapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We invite you to call 505-982-4686 today!

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