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A Missing Filling Needs Timely Professional Dental Care

Dental fillings are designed to repair the integrity of the compromised tooth enamel for a long time to come. While they are typically used to repair small cavities, fillings might also be needed to repair a small dental fracture or an area of dental attrition. Once they have been cured or cemented in place, the fillings will last for many years.

At the same time, no filling can last forever. The passage of time, inconsistencies in your oral hygiene routine, and the overall size of the filling can shorten its lifespan. Sometimes, you can notice a filling that’s in distress by a change in texture, heightened sensitivity, or a gray shade in the surrounding tooth enamel. Other times a filling might not show any overt signs of a problem and it simply falls out when you’re eating a meal of chewing gum.

When this happens, you should not delay in seeking professional dental care at Sharpe Dental Studio as soon as possible. The compromised tooth enamel could fracture or continue to decay, leading to even more serious complications. In a worst-case scenario, the weakened tooth could severely fracture, requiring a root canal.

If the filling was small, Dr. Virginia Sharpe could repair it by removing a small amount of enamel and cementing a new filling in place.

If the filling was large or if the decay compromised too much of the enamel layer of the tooth, then Dr. Virginia Sharpe might recommend a dental crown restoration.

If you live in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, area and you have recently lost a filling, you shouldn’t delay in calling 505-982-4686 to have it treated at Sharpe Dental Studio.

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